Hi it’s tdrm70 here and I am going to tell you about the Ottawa Art Gallery                                    


Here is the old building called Carlton county courthouse. It is not an art gallery anymore but it’s protected by the Heritage Ottawa. 


Here is a link to the Ottawa art gallery


Here’s is a screenshot of the oag on Google Maps:

Arthous – these are the apartment and condos attach to the art gallery. 


In the art gallery, they have an expert. The artist used to do it in Alberta, it’s an animal slide. In the gallery, its the elephant one. To get in the slide, there is a rock wall. The name of the artist Russell Yuristy. It looks very fun.   




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  1. Hi tdrm70 The pictures are really good and it is cool because to say the truth I never heard about the OAG nice blog if
    You have time can you post a comment with a link for the website that yousd for your information

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