book report

Book Report
Who Was Stan Lee?

I have always loved Marvel movies and comic books and decided to read the biography of Stan Lee, who created so many interesting characters and exciting stories. 

My favourite part of the book is when they said that he is a poor boy looking for a job, and then marvel hired him. I thought it was neat that he is Jewish and from New york. The other part of the book that I found interesting is that he makes the comics into reality. 

  • A new york city kid named Stanley Lieber
  • A hotshot writer at a comic book company
  • The creator of some of the most famous superheroes of all time


One thought on “book report”

  1. Hi tdmr 70, I liked how much you tell the people about your love with marvel, (I also like marvel).
    But maybe next time you can add a bit more facts or writing.
    But good job.

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