Deadpool the murk with a moth is the character created by the legend Stan Lee. Deadpool is a part of the X-Men. Deadpool is a mutant with superhuman reflex and superhuman speed with really funny humour!

Deadpool in the comics team-ups with Cable, Dinamo, Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus, Cyclops and the team is called X Force mimicking  X-Men. Deadpool in the movie is played by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool was a science experiment by a scientist called Frison and Wade Wilson the person that is Deadpool. Wade had cancer so he thought that Frison could cure him but instead, he became invincible!




Fortnite chapter 2 season 2

Fortnite spy games

Hear you are a spy. You have to gather Intel on the other team by getting drops from the sky and opening them but it’s not that simple! You have to battle for those in power drops, finish missions to get skins you have to get guns to win to try to be the last agent.

 You can either be an agent for ghost or shadow. Choose wisely because once your an agent for one team you can’t be the other one do missions throughout the season two get extra styles for your skins to finish missions and each one of those missions will change the fate of the island forever.

Here are the five places that you can defeat bosses:

1 The rig

2 The agency

3 The yacht

4 The shark

5 The Grado

and some people believe soon Deadpool‘s Lair in each one of these locations! There is a boss weapon:

1 The drum gun

2 The Piopio rifle

3 The kaboom bow

4 sky’s AR and grappler

5 Brutus‘s minigun

They also have vaults and would each have lots of loot. You get the keycard to the vault by killing a boss. You need the key card to open the vault and you will only be able to use the one that you’ve got that location. It’s the best game in the world because you get to play with your friends!

There are new challenges called awaken Oro he’s basically a golden king you can do these missions to get a pickAxe and gun wrap 400,000 XP for totally free there is also an item shop you can get skins pickaxes gliders and more this will cost you V there is also a battle pass level.

There is also new golden skins bye-bye feeling up to level 300 you will get all of the golden skins. There is a new skin called Oro he is the golden king. Here’s another version of modes team of agents there is also ultimate night Ripley Fusion that uses the power of the light and there is chaos agent  silage that uses the power of The shadow. 

The New gun is Deadpool’s double pistols and the Kingsmen umbrella and there’s also a new item called crash pads.

Blades do 50damage they have a very good boost they have 1500 Health


I give credit to fats1 and two other kids but they left!

Miles Morales

There are so many spider people, how do you know is the best?

You probably just think there is one spider man but that’s is wrong! There are so many spider people. Here’s a couple of spider people:

First the most famous peter parker, spider-man noir, my favourite Miles Morales, Peter b Parker, Spider Gwen, Kaine, Silk, Peter Porker aka spider ham, Spider Man 2099.

Miles is a New Yorker from Brookland and his uncle Aaron is the Prowler which is a henchman for Kingpin that want to kill the spider people. The Peter in Miles universe said he would show Miles how to become a spiderman but Peter dies and brings a bunch of Spider-people like Peter. B Parker, Peni Parker, Gwen Stacy Spider-man Noir and Spider ham. They make a goober to stop the Kingpin and his henchmen during it Aaron dies Miles become a really good spider-man he turns invisible and Venom strikes.




Do you like online games like Fortnite? There are many video games to play online. But Fortnite is the best video game ever and I’m going to tell you why!


Fortnite is a very popular game. Over 350 million players in 33 countries. Fortnite has two versions. One is called Save the World and one is called Battle Royale. In 2011 Save the World was released. The Battle Royale was released in 2017.


Fortnite during Coivd had a charity cup with Chai Lifeline it was 36 dollars to register and every player was trying to raise money and I raised over 800 dollars. Fortnite sent an email saying “ Face it anyway your kids are playing Fortnite may as well do it for charity”. Chai Lifeline is a charity that is in Montreal and Toronto and helps kids with special needs.


In March 2018 over 600,000 people watched the Drake and Ninja stream! It broke the world record for most viewers on Twitch. Twitch is a streaming site that you can watch your favourite streamer. At the time Drake was very-popular and Ninja was the best Fortnite player. To be the best Fortnite player you need to remember the keyboard controls which is a little harder than a controller. Now the best Fortnite player and the Fortnite World Cup champion, and EA Sports player of the year is Bugha. 


Fortnite keeps adding so it never gets boring. Soon they might add Star Trek and GI Joe skins and they just add the Joker, Poison Ivy, Iron man, Thor, Venom, Strom. Skins are virtual people that you can wear during a game.  Skins are what Fortnite calls avatars. 


Fortnite also has a lot of concerts like they had a Travis Scott concert it was really cool! The first concert was on February 2 2019  Marshmellow had over 10.7 million players were at the concerts. The second concert was Travis Scott in 2020 it was THE BEST concert ever in Fortnite! At the concert, over 12.3 Million players watched the Travis Scott!


So next time you want to play a video game you should try Fortnite. Who knows, with a lot of practice, you might be the next best Fortnite player in the world. As you can see Fortnite is the most popular.



Hi it’s tdrm70 here and I am going to tell you about the Ottawa Art Gallery                                    


Here is the old building called Carlton county courthouse. It is not an art gallery anymore but it’s protected by the Heritage Ottawa. 


Here is a link to the Ottawa art gallery


Here’s is a screenshot of the oag on Google Maps:

Arthous – these are the apartment and condos attach to the art gallery. 


In the art gallery, they have an expert. The artist used to do it in Alberta, it’s an animal slide. In the gallery, its the elephant one. To get in the slide, there is a rock wall. The name of the artist Russell Yuristy. It looks very fun.