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Hi welcome, I’m  Tdrm and I’ll be talking to you about THE CONSOLE WARS. You are probably wondering what the are console wars? Well, in my speech I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the console wars.


I bet you don’t know what the console wars are or even what a console is. A console is a device that you can play games on. For example, you can play Halo on Xbox and Spiderman on PlayStation. Although the console war is not an Actual war – it’s a war within the industry between Sony and Microsoft.


The first best big seller of Sony was the Playstation 2. You can use the old Playstation games on the newer consoles. If you have many DVDs that you like,  you can replay them with the Playstation because the games are the same size as a DVD. THE Xbox is a very quiet console. It has a long controller battery life even if it is a cheaper battery. 


Exclusive games are the games that you can only play on a particular console such as halo on Xbox and Spiderman on PlayStation. If you like these games then you have to buy the consoles from these companies. These companies do a good job of persuading you to buy their console.  Some of these exclusive games are not appropriate for kids.  When you sign up they will ask you your age, but your parents can sign you up as them. They just need a credit card.  Some of the exclusive games for Play Station are God of War,  Last of Us, Spiderman, Spiderman Miles Morales and  Ratchet and Clank. The Xbox exclusive games include Halo, Sea of Thieves, Forza and Gears of War.

I strongly believe that Sony with the Play Station is winning these console games because of the games and the graphics they offer.   I am still a PS gamer through and through – I will take the louder console if it means I can enjoy their games.

This could change because Microsoft has bought many video game studios including Bethesda, the makers of The Elder Scrolls games and the Fallout franchise. 

It’s the games themselves that give Sony an advantage over Microsoft, at least at the moment. However, this could change as the current generation evolves. 

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book of Judy Blume tales of fourth grade nothing

Summary and Opinion 

So far this book is funny. I liked the part when his friend says that she can look after fudge but then she cant and fudge hearted himself and the mom said she not mad at her she mad at fudges brother. So far I really like this book because it’s funny and I can somewhat relate to this book. I think that he’s going to grade 4 and he’s not going to like it and think it’s hard and terrible. I give this book 4.3 stars and I would recommend it because it’s a perfect and funny book and thinks it would be grade 3,4,5, age group.

Jimmy Fargo is peter’s best and peters family loves to drink juicy-O. Peter had to sleep with fudge. Fudge at roses. Daddy invited his the Yardys. Then  Mrs. Yardy gives the boys president but Peter already had the president. The Yardys left the apartment. Peters dad says “I don’t like Juicy-O”.  


Ms. and Mr. Yardy the Hatchers Jimmy Fargo Sheila Ms. and Mr. Juicy-O



Deadpool the murk with a moth is the character created by the legend Stan Lee. Deadpool is a part of the X-Men. Deadpool is a mutant with superhuman reflex and superhuman speed with really funny humour!

Deadpool in the comics team-ups with Cable, Dinamo, Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus, Cyclops and the team is called X Force mimicking  X-Men. Deadpool in the movie is played by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool was a science experiment by a scientist called Frison and Wade Wilson the person that is Deadpool. Wade had cancer so he thought that Frison could cure him but instead, he became invincible!




book report

Book Report
Who Was Stan Lee?

I have always loved Marvel movies and comic books and decided to read the biography of Stan Lee, who created so many interesting characters and exciting stories. 

My favourite part of the book is when they said that he is a poor boy looking for a job, and then marvel hired him. I thought it was neat that he is Jewish and from New york. The other part of the book that I found interesting is that he makes the comics into reality. 

  • A new york city kid named Stanley Lieber
  • A hotshot writer at a comic book company
  • The creator of some of the most famous superheroes of all time